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We have been asked many times about what sort of a bracelet is more suitable for a particular wrist size, or a dress style  and so forth. For your convenience, here is a very detailed description of our bracelets range. 

We offer a choice of complementary ribbon or an elastic band wristlet with any of our corsages. 

  •  Ribbon corsage  

Ribbon corsage is a great option if you want to colour match your floral accessory with your outfit. We can help you choose the right ribbon from our extensive ribbon collection. Satin ribbons add a chic modern feel to a corsage, meanwhile
 organza ribbons look more delicate because of their transparency and can be combined with a narrow satin ribbon for the best result.  

ribbon corsage Ribbon corsage

We’ve got a wide range of different colours to match almost any colour dress or flowers. Please don’t hesitate to send us pictures or descriptions of your formal dress, we love making our floral pieces unique and personalised. 

Also, a ribbon bracelet will fit to all wrist types. 


  • Elastic band

Is a good option for those with thin to medium wrists (up to 16-16.5cm circumference) because of its tight fit. It comes in white and silver colours. If you wish, we can always enhance it by adding a satin ribbon of your choice to match your outfit.    

  • Snap wristlet

An adaptable corsage wristlet that wraps around the wrist, providing a secure and comfortable holding all evening. One size fits all. Comes in white and shimmery silver colours.

Width: 2.5cm Length: 23cm

  • Pearl Bead Bracelets 
We offer stretch pearl bead bracelets if you want to add a     special touch to the corsage.  The corsage can be cut off the bracelet after wearing and it can become a keepsake of the night. 
They come in three different sizes : narrow (width 1cm), medium (width 2.5cm) and wide (width 4cm)

Medium and wide sizes are also available in black. 


  • Diamante Bracelets


If you want to add a little extra glamour and a bit of bling, we offer classy and dazzling stretch bracelets, making them the perfect addition to any dress or flower combination. 

There is a selection of different designs to choose from: a silver diamantes  bracelet; pearls with diamantes bracelet, a gold rock candy bracelet and a black coloured stones and diamantes bracelet. 

The corsage can be cut off the bracelet after wearing and it can be worn by itself on other occasion or will become a keepsake of the night. 

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