Our story


My journey started very far away in my homeland of Russia. Being born and brought up in Moscow, a very big city, I spent every summer in the countryside, where I developed a strong passion for gardening, landscaping and growing flowers. My Mum is a fanatical gardener and flower lover. She influenced me a lot, sharing her passion with me. We had a huge collection of different flowers and bushes, blooming all around our house and every season would bring new colours and aromas to the garden, providing me with endless opportunities to practice my floristry skills whilst arranging freshly cut blooms. Ever since, my favourite way to arrange flowers is in a loose, natural style with plenty of foliage — just as you would find them in nature.
After school, I decided to study biology, received my degree in plant physiology and worked in biotechnology until I moved abroad with my family. A new journey had begun.
Life in France and the UK opened to me the most famous parks and gardens of Europe. It was an amazing experience, learning languages and submerging myself in different cultures. Growing David Austin roses in my own cottage style garden was a pure joy to me. My passion for flowers grew and deepened.
Moving to sunny Brisbane was another step towards my dream. The climate and gorgeous surroundings make it easy to find one’s happy place to relax and enjoy time out. In 2016 I decided to follow my long-term passion for flowers and art and sharing their joy with others; embarking on an exciting career change. I have completed my Certificates II and III in floristry and created my company Art of Petals with a simple philosophy in mind: even a single simple flower can brighten up anyone’s day!
At Art of Petals I help people express their true, inner feelings through floral works of art. Whether it is a simple bunch of blooms, saying "I was thinking of you!" or a statement bouquet; whether it is a very important day in your life like your wedding, or a corporate event; let me design something for you that you will love as much as I loved creating it for you.